Yellow Pages Driving Online Leads.

Posted on 18. Jul, 2009 by in All Local Search Posts, Traditional Media

I have always recommended that local business owners include their domain name across all their advertising and marketing efforts; including yellow pages, direct mail, newspaper ads, as well as their business cards, invoices, delivery vans and even store-front awnings.

The easy comparison is that it acts in the same way as a vanity or toll-free phone number; effectively branding your business and its primary contact information. Now there is research supporting the importance of this practice -unique tracking URLs along with call measurement numbers in Yellow Pages ads show a 78%  increase in overall leads. 

The six-month study tracked leads generated from 1,200 Yellow Pages advertisers. 44% of the leads came in the form of website visits, 56% via phone call. “Evaluating the impact that print advertising has on Web activity is critical. Without tracking unique URL traffic, Yellow Pages advertisers would not know the total number of leads the print product is driving, as those touch points could be attributed to on-line ad channels,” said Bill Dinan, president, Telmetrics.

The more savvey Directory Publishers are now providing their advertisers with a “URL Tracking” product to measure this responce themselves. This is a substaintial step in providing complete transparency and accountability for directory advertisers.

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