Yahoo + Bing = ???

Posted on 10. Aug, 2009 by in All Local Search Posts, Internet Yellow Pages, Pay-Per-Click

Last weeks announcement re. Yahoo! and Bing (Microsoft) joining forces has been expected for some time, so what does it really mean to the local business advertiser?

In a nutshell – nothing (at the moment).

This is a very complex deal that involves regulatory approvals, technological complications and other challenges. It’s expected that in the next 18 months to two years we’ll see the “final product”.

This includes Yahoo! now using Bing’s search engine technology (Bing will “power” Yahoo! to a certain extent). Yahoo! can now focus on other areas of the business.

At the local level, Yahoo! got a jump on all the players years ago, including Google. They have a stronger market share in local search than they do in overall general search. It’s unclear as to what will happen with Yahoo! Local and the older Yahoo! Yellow Pages areas.

Some other considerations (from Wickcentric):
–  If you go to Yahoo! or Bing you’ll be seeing Microsoft’s organic search results
–  As a result, the Yahoo! Search Submit Pro (SSP) product (which lets you impact the organic listings) will disappear
–  You will have to buy text ads through Bing and they will appear on Bing and Yahoo!
–  You can buy display ads from either company (wondering if Yahoo Local will change)
–  The Yahoo! network of search partners will continue to be supported.

For full details you can go to the joint MSN/Yahoo! micro site that the PR team built just for this announcement. It is named in an ever-so-corporate manner:

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