Correction: Why You Absolutely Need A GOOD Website (part II).

Posted on 17. Dec, 2009 by in All Local Search Posts, Websites

Many small businesses invest in a website for the right reasons – but unfortunately, don’t execute very well.

Previously, I discussed the importance of local businesses having their own website, and the research suggests about 50% already do – but can a poorly designed site do more harm than good?

According to Nielsen 85% of people agreed the quality of a website is an important factor in earning the consumer’s trust. Ken Cassar, VP Industry Insights, Nielsen Online stated “a poorly designed website potentially does more damage than not having any site at all”, and I agree. 

Think about it: you’re researching online before making a purchase (as 85% of Consumer now do) and you come across two local businesses; one your familiar with and one your not. The known business has a single templated webpage with little content, outdated design and poor images – looks like it was designed 10 years ago by an 8th grader. The second, unknown business is represented with a full-blown 20 page brochure site, complete content, sensible navigation, a “call to action” statement, obvious contact info, testimonials, attractive images, etc. Whom do you trust more? The Nielson research found that you will most likely choose the unknown business! 

77% of people surveyed said they were more likely to make a purchase from an unfamiliar business with a quality website, than from a known business with a poor website”.

So much for repeat business! 

For most local businesses, the purpose of a website is not unlike your ad in the yellow pages, a billboard or your storefront – it’s job is to generate leads. Think of it more as a “marketing tool”, not just a representation of your business online. If your website sucks, your loosing both new and repeat customers!

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