Online Ads Replacing Newspapers for Tire Dealerships.

Posted on 10. Oct, 2009 by in All Local Search Posts, Automotive, Pay-Per-Click, Retail, Traditional Media


For the past three years, Joe Marconi has stopped advertising his auto service and tire shop in his hometown newspaper and is relying on other ways to promote his dealership.

The owner of Osceola Garage in Baldwin Place, N.Y., said he believes newspaper advertising is no longer effective in driving customer traffic to his two shops today. Consumers, he added, are overloaded with information and are conditioned to go online to find the news they want to read.

“Who has time or who really takes the time to read a newspaper cover to cover and look at all the ads or look for something?” Mr. Marconi said. “When you look for something today, you Google it.”

Beth Barron, director of business development for Morgan City, La.-based Chabill’s Tire Service L.L.C., has managed Chabill’s advertising for the past decade. She told Tire Business that she’s not a big fan of newspaper advertising even though Chabill’s still uses print media to reach its rural markets.

“I live in a very small town, and I still don’t get the newspaper,” Ms. Barron said. “It’s just to me a waste of time. I’m gonna go and look at what I want to look at online.”

Ms. Barron said the only newspaper ads Chabill’s has placed this year take up no more than an eighth of a page and are appearing in two or three markets. The dealership is using the print ads to get the word out on its tire pricing. Chabill’s has 12 stores in Louisiana, and Lafayette is its largest market.

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