Local Search Ranking Factors.

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Volume Two of  David Mihm’s “Local Search Ranking Factors” is a must-readfor any business interested in learning more about increasing their on-line visibility. Even if you rely on a local Marketing  firm or Agency to manage this process for you, it’s a very interesting and timely survey which includes responses from 27 prominent bloggers and practitioners. 

Mr. Mihm states “It is my hope that this study will help small business owners confused by Local Search, or those strapped for time, to prioritize their marketing efforts“. 

The results include a ranking of the most important factors, listed in order, below. The entire survey may be read here.  

  1. LBL Address in City of Search
  2. Citations from Major Data Providers
  3. Association of Proper LBL Categories
  4. General Importance of Claiming LBL
  5. Product/Service Keywords in LBL Title
  6. General Importance of Off-Page Criteria
  7. Volume of Customer Reviews
  8. General Importance of Customer Reviews
  9. General Importance of On-Page Criteria
  10. Full Address on Contact Page
  11. Proximity to Centroid
  12. Quality of Inbound Links
  13. HyperLocal/Web Crawl Citations
  14. Product/Service Keywords in LBL Description
  15. Location Keywords in Inbound Anchor Text
  16. Customer Reviews at Search Engine
  17. Location Keywords in LBL Title
  18. Product/Service Keywords in Inbound Anchor Text
  19. Inclusion of City, State in Title Tags
  20. Customer Reviews at 3rd-Party Websites
  21. Location Keywords in LBL Description
  22. Quantity of Inbound Links
  23. City, State in Contact Page Title Tags
  24. Product/Service Keywords in URL
  25. Product/Service Keywords in LBL Custom Fields
  26. Association of Marginal LBL Categories
  27. Location Keywords in URL
  28. LBL Phone Number with Local Area Code
  29. Association of LBL Videos
  30. Local Phone Number on Contact Page
  31. MyMaps/User Generated Content
  32. High PageRank Homepage
  33. Association of LBL Photos
  34. Creation of KML File
  35. Positive Customer Ratings
  36. Location Keywords in LBL Custom Fields
  37. Address in hCard Microformat on Website
  38. High PageRank LBC Landing Page
  39. Age of LBL
  40. Association of Coupon with LBL
  41. Participation in Local PPC

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