"Twitter 101" for Businesses.

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Tweet   From Screenwerk.com: Twitter released “Twitter 101” – a kind of how-to and best practices guide for SMBs and brands. It’s very smart, timely and puts Twitter in context for those who might otherwise not understand it or its uses. Read Twitter 101 Tweet

Location Extensions – A New Way to Run Local Ads.

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Tweet   From Google this past Friday: Today, we’d like to tell you about a new way to run your local ads – location extensions. Location extensions allow you to “extend” your AdWords campaigns by dynamically attaching your business address to your ads. This new feature will be fully available in the coming weeks, with […]

Real Estate Advertisers: Newpapers Score Poorly, Local Search Up.

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Tweet From ClickZ – As if online newspapers didn’t already feel battered, a new real estate advertising report won’t ease the pain. The study of real estate professionals shows they’re turning their backs on local online newspaper classifieds and display advertising, and finding value in e-mail, local listings sites, search, and social media. Over 60 […]

Small Business Web Holdouts: Unsearched, Unfound, Unfulfilled.

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Tweet From the eCommerce Times: Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Web? A lot of small businesses, that’s who. For the most part, that fear appears to be grounded in a lack of information about the actual costs and benefits of operating a Web site and engaging in some strategic e-marketing efforts.  No matter where […]

Local Results & Bing-

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Tweet   With all the recent hype on Bing, I thought I’d take a look at the local side. I was curious, how does Bing stack-up against Google and Yahoo! with respect to locally relevant content? How complete and accurate are their local SERPs? Here are the results of my totally “unscientific” study: I conducted 10 identical geo-modified […]

Online Restaurant Reviews: Make or Break.

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Tweet From Wpromiter: In a slowed down economy with tightened consumer spending, drawing in customers becomes an even more challenging task for many companies. Low prices and high quality products no longer guarantee customers, and the importance of word of mouth becomes even more valuable to businesses. Today’s post on the Wpromoter looks at the […]

Search Alert: Plumbers & Drain Cleaning

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Tweet In June 2009, there were over 2.5 million U.S. searches for plumbers and drain cleaning online. This assumes a 60% market share for Google, and includes 190 of the most relevant “exact match” keywords. These keywords include:  plumbers local plumber emergency plumbers sink clog toilet repair sewer rooter massachusettes plumbers washing machine drain Tweet

Claim Your Free Google Maps Listing!

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Tweet   There is no one single meathod to guarantee your complete local on-line visibility, but one important component is Google Maps. When Google detects a local search query, their Maps (“Local Business Listings”) results are usually triggered. This can be a great source of leads, and potentially reaches both your recommended and new customers.  So, how does […]

Yellow Pages Driving Online Leads.

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Tweet I have always recommended that local business owners include their domain name across all their advertising and marketing efforts; including yellow pages, direct mail, newspaper ads, as well as their business cards, invoices, delivery vans and even store-front awnings. The easy comparison is that it acts in the same way as a vanity or toll-free phone number; effectively branding […]

Local Search Ranking Factors.

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Tweet Volume Two of  David Mihm’s “Local Search Ranking Factors” is a must-readfor any business interested in learning more about increasing their on-line visibility. Even if you rely on a local Marketing  firm or Agency to manage this process for you, it’s a very interesting and timely survey which includes responses from 27 prominent bloggers and practitioners.  Mr. Mihm states “It is my hope that […]